Come on Little Sleeper

Alexander has gone a day and a half without oxygen. He looks such a different colour we think David Dickenson might be the father.

Just the sleep test to go. He has to stay above 90 percent saturation for 95% of the time and score a mean of 93. If I’m realistic I think it will be borderline and the nurses are preparing us to ‘defer success’ (I love this euphemism. I am constantly deferring my success).

Come on Alexander. It’s just sleeping. It’s just sleeping. We’ll know by 8am tomorrow (Saturday) if he can come home.

In other news…I feel I am ahead today because I have tidied and sorted all my drawers and folded all the bedlinen in he airing cupboard and it is not falling out on my head any more. And between shifts we went out for lunch. It’s the small things in life that please me.

Also Alexander had his first bath in eight weeks. Courtesy of daddy. Phew that’s a relief.




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