In my haste to say nothing had happened yesterday I forgot to mention a fabulous lunch with my friend Nikki Fox who came to visit. Nikki is someone I met through my talent spotting work at the BBC. For those who don’t know part of my job is to spot and break new ‘diverse’ talent across the BBC’s output, whether it be TV, radio or whatever we have at our disposal to get a broader range of people on air. I mention this because she is one of my few successes. Well, she is her own success and still on her journey – but I am proud to have played a small part in hooking her up with training and the people she needed to meet to make her most recent steps along the way. It is one of the few bits of my job that I like and feel proud of. I’m just a connector but she is someone who actually takes up every lead I give her, works hard to convert each opportunity and runs with it and she sees the return I hope. Anyway, over the last to years I’d like to think we’ve become friends. I don’t make a habit of making that many genuine friends through work but she is one of those people who cheers you up with her relentless optimism, political incorrectness and general inappropriateness in all situations. She’ll go far.

She recently did a brilliant documentary for 5live about being disabled in Britain in 2012 which opened my eyes to a few things and made me think as these babies still run the risk of having long term disability due to their prematurity. Adventures of a Blue Badger

I spent a lot of time during the pregnancy having to think very seriously about the possibility of bringing up disabled children as we considered the issues of having triplets, the implications of the termination of Alexander’s identical when we learnt of triplet C’s Turner’s syndrome and imminent demise due to cystic hygroma, as well as the possibility of brain damage to Alexander if his twin from the procedure or if C had been left to die naturally. Plus the risks of prematurity in general (developmental issues, more cerebral palsy). I’d like to think they’d approach the challenges they meet in as joyous a way as Nikki does hers (she incidentally has muscular dystrophy not CP and rides a Rascal mobility scooter like the devil on wheels). As far as we know both twins have no signs of brain bleeds or oxygen starvation or any of the things that cause severe CP but we won’t really know if they have developmental issues or mild problems till later. I signed them up to a study which means they will get MRI scans till they are two which improves your chances of spotting problems early and provides some support on developmental delay which is common in 28 weekers.

The real, much more frivolous reason I am mentioning Nikki is that she brought me the most marvellous present yesterday. As well as two matching Dalmatian suits for the twins she did my colours for me! How brilliant. Her mum is an image consultant and Nikki guessed and trawled the internet for photos of me (scary) to assess my skin tone and make me up a pack of swatches. Anyway it turns out I am a ‘Winter’ and, although I have probably pooh poohed this sort of thing in the past, every colour in that palate is one I have and like in my wardrobe. Since she gave me this I have been seeing colour everywhere. I have been looking at the babies too and noticing their colouring. I want to find some nicer colours for Alexander who I am convinced looks less well than his sister as she is always in the colours of the rainbow and he only gets to wear pale blue and white as boy clothes are so dull. Here is the garish result of your visit Nikki! I am dressing them up and accessorising them like little dollies. You can shout Beatrix but until you are bigger mummy gets her wicked way!




My meditation tapes are also alerting me to colour and simple things. I am so much in the present right now with not a great range of things to think about I am really noticing and appreciating things like how colours make me feel. This turquoise and this lilac really cheered me up today. My nurse for the day shift Jiak is meticulous about coordinating their outfits and their bedding and they are always well turned out on her days. I love the attention to detail and the kindness this belies.

So thanks Nikki. They are definitely ‘Winters’ too and I am going shopping in my break today to celebrate!


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