Where did the hours and the days go?

Knackered but still up after my son, my mum and my husband have gone to bed. Just enjoying a rare half hour to myself. Just mine. Watching anything on tv and doing nothing. Did our hours and days used to be filled with this? I asked G what we used to do every evening before we had kids. Apparently we used to go out for dinner three times a week. I literally don’t remember. I think sadly I also used to work till 9 every night. What a waste!

Mum and Lucas came with me to the hospital for the morning which broke the monotony. Lucas is so happy wherever he goes. Such a good boy. Amusing himself with his emergency vehicles and popping in to see his brother and sister. He’s so gentle with them and kind. I hope it carries on. Barely a sign of jealousy yet.

Both did proper half hour consistent breastfeeds today. I find it really amazing that they know what to do and think they are so clever. The nurses keep warning me that Bea could be home before two weeks. She put on 120g in two days and they are worried it might be too fast. The doctor in the morning told me they were on the look out for edema. Lucky he said as I noticed her little hand was swollen as I left this afternoon. The nurse said she would get the doctor to look. Hope it’s nothing major.

Alexander also fed like a much older child. Maybe he won’t be so far behind. He weighs less than 1.5 still and B 1.8. Come in peas. Get fatter.


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