End game

Excuse the lack of posts. We have moved into the end game phase and are establishing breast feeding which means trying both of them twice a day. Getting there half an hour before each feed, doing a change of nappy and a complete strip down and change cleaning their heads, ears, mouths necks and armpits with sterile water if they need an extra wake up. Once I’ve done all that four times, pumped every three hours and spent half an hour or more trying to get them to latch on the day is gone. The nurses are always hovering to see what the babies are doing and see if they are ready for a top up tube feed. I feel like I am the world’s slowest nappy changer and Beatrix thinks it is hilarious to let me get right to the end before she does a powerful squirt of bright yellow liquid poo across the cot covering clean nappy, sheets, sleepsuits, the works. I tell you I may never eat a chicken korma again.

And this is only half of what I will have to do in a week’s time. Alexander is really only just starting to show an interest and occasionally wakes up and latches on. Lady Bea on the other hand takes after mummy and likes her food. Most of her feeding attempts are a case of me saying ‘have you finished? Oh no you want some more’.
Alexander will be there in 5 days I reckon. He always seems to catch up faster than we think.

They are saying she might come home sooner than her brother. He will probably be home at a standard 36 weeks (2 weeks 2 days time) which means what? She could be home in a week ten days??? Having wanted this for so long it is a bit terrifying. Better get buying those last few things.



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