The Road Home?

Tentatively, I felt we were at the start of the road home tonight. After a knackering but happy day juggling Lucas, grandparents, visitors, kind friends looking after Lucas when they have their own stuff to worry about…a dazzling ray of hope. We went back in the evening to see them all together. Alexander had made it out of his incubator for the first time and looked wide eyed. Hungry Beatrix was, as usual, wide awake and ready for her tube feed. I decided to try her on the boob and bingo! She can do it. Just like that with a very wide mouth and a superstrong suck. A week earlier than they all say babies should be able to even start coordinating swallowing breathing and sucking she had a proper breast feed and seemed very contented. She is strong and smart. I felt very proud of her. Alexander had a go too. A bit trickier for both of us as he still has an arm splint on for his cannula but he is nearly there. A few more goes and he will be. All they have to do is get a bit fatter and learn to feed consistently and we’re there. Do I dare to dream it could be a couple of weeks for her and maybe one or two more for him? The baby next to them looked ready to go home last week though and suddenly had to have blood transfusions and the works so I daren’t get too excited but they are little troopers and tonight I am a very proud mother. My mum has come to stay for a few days to help with Lucas. All the family were there tonight, but it was nice to share that moment with my mummy. Thank you for being there mum.



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