Crash – update

Thanks so much for all the kind texts, comments and calls today. Little Alexander is doing much better tonight. Blood tests so far have come back clear but one where they grow cultures still to come. This morning his oxygen saturation was still all over the place and he really looked like he was having a hard time with wires and tubes everywhere. By this afternoon he was peacefully sleeping and had stopped having his bradycardias (heart rate drops) with saturation at 100% on no oxygen. They’ve stopped his feeds for a day to give him a rest. Poor little fella. Such a lot to cope with.

I sat with him telling him how well he was doing and how proud of him we were. On some level I hope positive dialogue goes in. I’ve noticed Lucas’s spoken out loud personal monologue turns more positive when he’s told he’s brave and that he can do things so no harm in starting early.

We all went in tonight in solidarity. Beatrix gave Lucas some Cars stickers and daddy gave Alexander a cuddle.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.



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