Roar and the World Roars With You

Post Weightlifting

As Olympic/life experiences went it was great. What a competition! What drama, what tension, what narrative. We witnessed two new Olympic records and one World record. Each fresh achievement surpassing the last. The atmosphere was incredible, the organization from the moment you got on a tube to the moment you landed in your seat flawless.

I have only watched weightlifting on the tele once or twice but I had not appreciated the tactics and the potential for drama.

It was enhanced for me by my search for life metaphors. Every attitude to taking on a challenge seemed to be represented by the competitors. The cocky North Korean with his jaunty strut to the stage who seemed to have decided the world record and the competition was his from the start.

The tiny, happy go lucky Indonesian who strolled blithely up to the weights, smiling as if he was about to lift a baby. He appeared to have his thumbs and fingers in an ohm as the
cameras found him backstage awaiting his final attempt to lift for a medal. Do we all find our own way of approaching life’s greatest challenges?

My favourite and the crowd’s. The Columbian who got the crowd on his side with an animal roar before each lift and a mini roar as each hand connected with the bar. He roared his lift to life with each new attempt and the awoke the animal in the crowd. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who found themselves inexplicably roaring back. What a showman. And a life lesson for me (as the sun moves into my sign).

Roar and the world roars with you.




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