I arrived at the hospital tired and grumpy today having done a second night of 3am pumping and battled with a weeping Lucas to get him out of the house this morning. Had to go to register the births at Hounslow Registry office first thing and got caught up in all the Olympic traffic on the way back. I realised last night that we still didn’t have a Chinese middle name for Alexander or any middle name for that matter and we would have to make our minds up. Had a quick google again this morning and came across Bo. A name we considered as a first name but decided against as it was based on the credits of a Scandinavian series we’d been watching called The Bridge. Bo and Anders always jumped out at us in the pretitle. So the idea for Alexander out of Anders was planted. Bo is both a Chinese and a Swedish name. In Chinese the name is for boys or girls and means precious (but as I have found it on the internet I am slightly fearful it might mean bottom feeder or something – if you are one of my better informed relatives don’t tell me. It’s too late.) As we nearly lost him he certainly is precious. In Swedish it means commander. Since he is named after Alexander the Great it fits. So Bo it is. A nice nickname too. Maybe they will end up as Bo and Trixie. The only shortening of Alexander I don’t like is Alex but I guess it is inevitable. Hope they don’t hate me for tricky middle names. I tried to keep them simple and pronounceable for English people.

Following my slight grumble about the hospital yesterday I have decided to cheer myself up and make myself feel more appreciative by calculating how much I have cost the NHS and earned back from my taxes during this very pricey pregnancy and early days. Having built up half a lifetime of gratitude during my mum’s cancer I do think the NHS is amazing when you’re really in need and can’t speak highly enough of all the people who have treated us from conception to birth and beyond. I remembered we hadn’t ever claimed child benefit for Lucas today but at £4000 a night per baby in these high dependency units, plus all the hospital stays and extra care during the pregnancy I think we have probably had our taxes worth. Much more than I will probably pay in tax in my lifetime I expect. Between them the Peas must have cost the NHS between 100 and 200k since they were born. It’ll be at least another four weeks so another 80-100k, plus at least 50k in other procedures and care during pregnancy. I reckon we will rack up at least a cool quarter million by the time we get out. Just as well we don’t live in the US. The paediatric nurse in St Mary’s was telling me that she used to work in the States and people were remortgaging their houses to keep their babies in special care. I have the nurses involved in my calculation today. Nothing like wasting a bit more NHS time. They seem to quite like the exercise I have engaged with as it makes them feel I appreciate the value.

Waiting to see the consultant who is on his rounds and making myself late for the pumping regime as a result. I may give up as I don’t really have anything major to ask. I just haven’t had an update from a consultant since we got here and am keen to glean more information. I’m hanging on for scraps here to feel like there is progress. As far as I can work out they are just stabilising Alexander’s oxygen saturation levels and getting bigger. This bit will drag. But when I sit with them and sing and chat and they open their little eyes seeking out my familiar voice and blurry face I am never bored. I am not someone predisposed to boredom. There is always something to do and my little blog and books keep me busy. I always think boredom is something for boring people. Mind you there are necessary tasks that induce boredom and stop one from engaging in more interesting activities. Breastfeeding a new baby at home for instance is quite dull as it takes ages and is relentless but this time I think I will appreciate the time more and am more ready with arms reach technology to pass time. You never get to do anything for more than half an hour though so IPlayer and comedy were good last time.

I think I will try to escape for a swim at lunchtime to break up the day.



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