A Rainy Night in Chertsey

Doesn’t quite have the same romantic ring to it as Georgia does it? My dear husband pointed out yesterday that the view from my window is of the mortuary and then I realised that my room is underneath a connecting bridge from the neonatal unit. Nice.

I was so down last night after all my visitors left I couldn’t bear to write. A decent night’s sleep has made me feel better and today is one of those sodden English summer days that make no difference where you’re stuck. I feel fine. No more contractions and the Peas seem happy to stay put in their pod for now. Keep it up Peas. It’s much nicer in there.

I’m waiting to find out if they’ll transfer me back to Queen Charlotte’s today, the hospital that specialises in multiples and that I’ve been seen at since things got complicated. I stupidly hadn’t even thought about cot availability being an issue or that I might get sent round the houses. And to think we might go through this all again if I am sent home possibly outweighs my grumpiness about being stuck in hospital. Queen Charlotte’s is at least round the corner from where G is working and near home so I’ll be able to see Lucas more easily. It’s awfully hard getting so little time with him.

Still, we’ll wait and see.



One response to “A Rainy Night in Chertsey

  1. I open your blog, bookmarked on my phone, with trepidation and crossed fingers everyday. Too much of a roller coaster. Not fair. Deep breathing little peas. Let your mum relax.

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