Home Sweet Home

Got let out for good behaviour. Just as I’d started to talk to my fellow inmates. As I was leaving a very feisty Nigerian girl from my ward called Latifat went into labour. Maybe she has brought a new person into the world by now. It is tiring being back home. Even after a day I notice the difference. But never has roast chicken tasted so good, my sofa been so comforting and the in-laws been so very welcome. They had built Lucas’s new dinosaur bedroom by the time I got back, from flat pack to reality. Predictably he didn’t want to sleep in it having got used to the luxury king size leather bed in the spare room so I am in it. Oh well. Off to the land of prehistoric raaaa as it says on my duvet cover. Trying to ignore the rather too regular tightenings that tell me things may be on the move.


2 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hang on in there, all of you. Your blog is so moving, beautiful, and brave. Sending you every best wish in the world. Xx

  2. pProm queen – you are amazing!! I am so impressed and amazed by how wonderful you are and how brave you are being. I can only begin to imagine how frustrating prescribed bed rest must be and my huge sympathy for your plight being placed on an open ward…which I understand slightly more after a week and a bit on an open ward (I mean why don’t they just make the machines pipe down/avoid waking you at 5am??!!). I hope so much that things get so much better for you and have everything crossed (& ditto atheist prayer!) that everything will be okay over the next few weeks. Lots of love to you all. xxMaddy

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