It All Started with a Twinkle in a Test tube

My dear husband and I spent a long time deliberating over a second child. He’s an only child and I had a very happy childhood doting on my brother who always had Neat Stuff to do and was a great partner in crime for me growing up. Having Number One Son had been a long journey through various fertility problems at my end and we were already settling into being a really happy unit of three. But the idea of bering four just felt right to me. It’s hard to get away from what you know.

So we went for it again, defrosted the spares and got lucky again. There were a few surprises in store this time. Week 6 I started bleeding and went distraught to A&E. The early pregnancy unit reassured me it was implantation bleeding and they could see one yolk and one empty sac. Having had two embryos put in this was no surprise. We hoped it would last till our confirmation scan the following week at the fertility clinic.

The next week we got a surprise. Not one heartbeat but two, spotted just as the sonographer was about to pack up his kit. The idea of twins, of going from one child to three overnight, was a shock but ‘a bargain!’ we concluded as we left with our heads buzzing and jaws open, especially given that we’d had no choice but to pay for private treatment. We went away a little daunted but excited.

Two weeks later I found myself back at the early pregnancy unit with more bleeding, expecting to be back to one or none. The ultrasound lady went quiet for that moment too long and said the dreaded words, “hang on a second I just have to concentrate.” Three lifetimes later she said, “I don’t want to scare you but…it’s triplets.” My head did a triple somersault and I think it was the first time I truly knew the meaning of going into shock. A consultant was called in and said casually ‘they’ll want to talk to you about selective reduction of course’ before I’d even had time to finish searching for an appropriate emotion. It was the beginning of a long road. (Don’t want to upset anyone here by accident with what happened to no.3. You have to read the About My Blog page if you want to know.)


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